Frequently asked questions

Infinite. You can ask for any number of revisions before the design is approved. Any request after the design is approved will be charged.

All orders placed on the website will be confirmed only after it is reviewed by us. Once confirmed, an invoice will be sent along with an invitation to our Client Portal. The whole process can take upto 12 hrs.

If you did not receive any invoice or reply after 12 hrs, please contact us.

In unusual circumstances when we find that your project requirements needs extra work or the date provided for delivery is unavailable, we will send you a new estimate.

It will explain the additional cost incurred in case of the former or the new date of delivery for the latter. You can then approve and pay the invoice to get the project started.

We do not charge you any kind of hidden fees before or after the project ends. But during our review process, if we find that your project requires extra work, we will notify you with a new estimate explaining the additional cost incurred.

A project officially commences only after the invoice is paid. Hence, if you have selected 3 days, the project files will be delivered within 72hrs once the invoice is paid.

We fully respect our client’s privacy and never disclose or make public any project related files or information.

We always request permission from respective clients before showcasing any of our work in our portfolio or for other promotional purposes.

You are covered under our 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee. If we are unable to deliver your project files as described, you will be promptly refunded the full amount paid.

All invoices and estimates can be paid using either your Paypal account balance or credit card.

Another alternative is to use the Paypal Credit, which gives you the flexibility to pay for purchase in 6 months, with no interest. 

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